Lately I have been more convinced then ever that choosing simple white tableware is the way to go.  I have had this mentality anyway since I was young, thanks to my mom instilling it in me that if you buy all white … “everything will always match”.  Even though I still branch out and buy items with color and pattern for my table, I do always end up going back to the plain white dinner plates and serving platters whether I am setting a colorful dining table (see here) or a super simple wintery meal (see here).  So I have officially come to conclusion to keep my plates and serving platters a collection of simple whites and occasionally mix in bold pieces.  This allows styling your table to still be fresh and fun, but also minimal and classic if you need it. Using your white plates as a backdrop and mixing it with vivid cloth napkins and a bright tablecloth is a great way to save money too (change out the accents instead of the plates).  Here are a couple of my favorite minimal white pieces for the table and beyond.


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