I feel like in the Winter especially, my home is always busting at the seams for storage space. With the addition of extra sweaters, boots, coats, blankets and general winter gear, my closets basically cannot handle the load. I am forever struggling with this issue of storage and look for any way possible to help stay organized (especially during this time of year). Today I am talking with professional organizer Danielle O’Brien of Danielle Organizes who is sharing with us 10 helpful tips on how to keep your home home tidy and organized. Danielle also happens to be my aunt and she is so amazing at organizing (and has been for as long as I can remember). Her advice is super helpful and something to seriously keep in mind as we approach Spring. You can visit her site here for more helpful tips and tools (check out her blog) on this subject that (let’s face it) we all struggle with from time to time.

10 Tips For An Organized Home

how-to-stay-organised-1 Sort your mail BEFORE entering into your home. You did not invite the junk mail to your house, so don’t let it in! Place a nice receptacle for mail by your door for recycling and another for the mail that you do want.

how-to-stay-organised-2 Remove your shoes upon entering your home. Especially your everyday shoes. Now you will know where to find them when you need to walk the dog in the early morning.


Hang up your purse by the door with your keys. Keep your gym bag and your briefcase for work always packed with essentials. This way you can just grab and go. It helps to have lots of hooks by your entrance. This could be your side door or via your garage.

how-to-stay-organised-4 Any items that need to go to another floor in the home can be placed on the stairs. Make a habit of carrying shoes and such up and down the stairs to place them where they belong as you move around your home.

how-to-stay-organised-5 Do a small load of laundry each morning and put your clothes away in the evening. Same with the dishes. Run your dishwasher at night and put your dishes away as soon as you can.

how-to-stay-organised-6Only own two sets of sheets per bed. One for using and one as a backup. Lighten up on your linen closet and place the sheets in the bedroom where they belong.

how-to-stay-organised-7 Spend 10 seconds putting things where they belong before you leave a room. For the living room, quickly fold the throw, prop up the pillows and take the snacks to the kitchen.

how-to-stay-organised-8 Always shop with a list. This way you will know exactly what you need and not buy items you have no room for. Keep the list handy so everyone can jot items down, as they need them.

how-to-stay-organised-9 Before you shop for more stuff, ask yourself these questions, “Do I need this item?” “Do I have time to maintain this item?” Do I have a place to put it?” “Can I afford this?”

how-to-stay-organised-10So you like to shop? That’s ok; just follow the rule “out with the old – in with the new.” This way your belongings will not pile up on you. Keep a donation bag at all times and pass things on to the next person. Now that’s good karma!

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