Recently I am having a ‘Spring” moment. I have been attracted to everything and anything botanical or floral inspired (see here). I have been especially obsessed with the new limited edition range called Rosa Mundi, which is a collaboration between the brand Diptyque and Antoinette Poisson (creator and restorer of Domino paper). If (like me) you aren’t familiar with domino paper, it was traditionally used in the 18th century for books and decorating walls. The pattern that was created for the Rosa Mundi fragrance range is a floral design using shades of greens and pinks. It is really just beautiful with a feminine vintage element to it. I also bought a note card in a monochrome design (see the cover image) from this range which is offset in a gold foil accent … it is stunning. Anything from this collection would be a perfect for a gift, especially for Mother’s Day (which is fast approaching). I really love the candle, and the scented oval. I also love the paper itself. This note card is the perfect way to send a little message to someone instead of using a traditional card and this paper could easily be framed for your home or as part of a gallery wall.

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