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One question I am asked more frequently than any other question is … “Where can I find great yet affordable art prints”. I have done lots of posts on this particular subject because over the years I have also searched for well priced art prints and I love to share the sites that I have found (see here & here). One go to source though for inexpensive prints is actually Etsy. I have found lots of fantastic images through photography, drawings, collage and prints that I have used to fill in gaps on gallery walls and artwork ledges at home and for clients. The thing though is that Etsy can sometimes have a lot of not so great art as well so you have to weed through to get to the good stuff. Today I did the hard work for you and I am sharing 10 very cool artists to look out for on Etsy.

10 Etsy Artists To Know

Milena Steinmetzer 

Alison Deegan

Elsie von Craft

Elvia Perrin

Clare Elsaesser

Gosia Herba

Jesus Perea

Jacques Audet

Due Alberti

Sune Jørgensen


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