I absolutely love decorative ceramics and recently I came across some seriously beautiful pieces all on Etsy. I love this modern decor with a minimal yet chic aesthetic. Today I am sharing five of my favorite ceramic designers from Etsy and a few of their pieces that I really fell in love with.

Jenn Erikson Art

How incredibly gorgeous are these pastel jewellery trays. I love the colors and the mis-matched shapes.

Liquorice Moon Studios

These pieces are really lovely especially with the simple brass accents added in combination with color. This tray is one of my favorites.

Ignata Ceramics

How amazing is this tableware. I am a big fan of the lace texture. These are beautiful and also a great price!

Laima Ceramics

Lovely monochrome pieces are perfect for contemporary home. I especially am drawn to those matte black mugs.

Free Folding

These ceramics have very simple design accents but still enough to make them very special pieces. I love the imperfections of these loving serving platters.

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